Weekly Dig ArticleCornerPocket is a portraiture business offering drawings of men’s balls: the alter ego of an established Boston area artist whose pseudonym is Belle Wether. It is also the R&D end of an intellectual and visual direction exploring the nature and meaning of how male nudes are portrayed in current art.

The drawings are done in B&W pencil on mylar, and are also available as digital prints in color. Images are interpretive, and like any portraiture consider personality, pose, and lighting. Like the human face, balls are a great challenge, and everyone is different.

The final drawing is based primarily on photographs or film. An initial studio or location photographic session is conducted and the portrait is drawn from these. One or two brief live sittings may be required as follow-up. Because this is a sensitive variety of portraiture, all transactions and contributing materials are held by the artist to be private.

Please contact the artist for pricing and scheduling details.